McLaren Takes the Wraps Off the Artura

New hybrid coupe brings supercar performance with EV capability.

2 months ago
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Jeff Zurschmeide

McLaren Automotive has revealed their latest hybrid supercar, the Artura. The new exotic will start at a base price of $225,000 in the U.S. market. 

If you are looking for a more accurate idea of pricing, you can register your interest in an Artura on McLaren’s official web site. 

Engine and motor performance

The Artura will be powered by an all-new compact 2,993cc twin-turbocharged V6 gasoline engine (577 hp/431 lb-ft of torque). The mid-mounted engine has been specifically designed to combine with an electric motor to create a new lightweight high-performance hybrid powertrain. The all-aluminum dry-sump engine contributes only 353 pounds to the Artura’s curb weight. 

A 34-pound compact axial-flux electric motor (94 hp/166 lb-ft of torque) is located within the transmission bell housing, pairing with the V6 to raise the Artura’s total system rating to 671 hp/531 lb-ft of torque. 

The hybrid powertrain is connected to the rear wheels through an 8-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission with an electronically controlled limited-slip differential. 

With the hybrid driveline, the Artura will accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.0 seconds, and can reach 124 mph just 5.3 seconds later. The Artura requires 21.5 seconds to reach 186 mph. The car’s top speed is limited to 205 mph. In EV mode, the Artura’s 7.4-kWh battery can power the car for up to 19 miles at a maximum speed of 81 mph. 

2021 McLaren Artura

Lightweight carbon architecture

The Artura is McLaren’s first car to be built on an all-new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) carbon fiber monocoque platform that is optimized for electrification. The additional mass of the battery and electric motor is offset by the application of weight-saving strategies throughout the chassis, body and powertrain. The new Artura weighs 3,302 pounds ready to drive. 

2021 McLaren Artura

New driver assistance features

The Artura is the first McLaren to offer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Available features include adaptive cruise control with stop/go, road-sign recognition, lane-departure warning and high-beam assist.

2021 McLaren Artura

Suspension and brakes

The Artura features an innovative rear suspension design pairing a top upper control arm with two lower links and a tie rod in front of the wheel center. This design maximizes vehicle stability and precision, and reduces understeer when accelerating out of a corner. 

Handling response is additionally enhanced by Pirelli Cyber Tyre technology, which features an electronic chip inside each tire that generates real-time data and relays that data to the car’s stability control systems to optimize tire performance.

Every Artura is fitted with carbon ceramic brakes and lightweight aluminum calipers common to McLaren’s LT models. 

2021 McLaren Artura

Four trim levels

The Artura will be available in four distinct trim levels. In addition to the base trim, the Artura will be available in Performance, TechLux and Vision styles, designed to offer a variety of interior treatments. 

Performance trim will feature a sporting, functional aesthetic, while TechLux will focus on the technical luxury that the name suggests. Finally, Vision will offer a more avant-garde and adventurous look and feel.

Naturally, customers seeking further personalization can contact McLaren Special Operations (MSO). With enough money, almost anything is possible.

Special to the North American market, a Practicality Pack comes as standard equipment and includes Vehicle Lift, power-folding heated door mirrors, front and rear parking sensors, rear-view camera, and soft-close doors.  The driver-controlled vehicle lift system raises the nose of the car, for instance over speed bumps or when entering or exiting parking garages.

The Artura is covered by a five-year or 50,000-mile vehicle warranty. The hybrid battery pack is guaranteed for six years or 50,000 miles. A 10-year anti-perforation warranty is also included, as is a five-year roadside assistance package.

2021 McLaren Artura


While McLaren is a niche producer of performance cars, their output is instructive for mere mortals. The trickle down of technology and innovation from advanced supercars has become more rapid in recent years, so expect increased attention to the sciences of weight reduction and electrification to affect everyday vehicles in the near future.

2021 McLaren Artura


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