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We are incredibly spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a new car in the United States, but at some point the car buying process became one of the most stressful experiences you can have.

No surprise when you consider that we can’t really trust advertising and it’s getting increasingly more difficult to tell the difference between editorial and advertorial. That is of course, until now.

Welcome to CarExpert

We care passionately about helping you choose the right new car, but it makes absolutely no difference to us when it comes to which one you buy.

Our team of bona fide car experts are committed to bringing trust and transparency to car content and are more motivated than ever to create quality, informative and impartial car reviews, news and comparisons that help car buyers make better and more informed decisions.

We welcome your feedback if there’s something we could be doing better and if you ever need some independent local car advice, don’t forget you can always ask an expert.

On behalf of the team here at CarExpert, thanks for stopping by and we look forward to welcoming you back again soon.

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